Monday, July 2, 2012

Night Life in Barcelona

Over the course of the summer, the students have a couple of three day weekends in which they can plan their own travel and sometimes, find their own adventures. They can be eye-opening experiences as it was for Rich and his travel buddies. Our students are well briefed before taking these trips and are prepared for what they will encounter.


Barcelona has an incredible night life, both good and bad. When we first arrived, we wondered why we didn’t have our Texas Tech Center in Barcelona instead of Seville but our question was quickly answered.

The first night we were in Barcelona, we went to watch the magic fountain show, which was amazing. The show started at nine-thirty and ended at twelve. But the show wasn’t good until eleven. When the sun went down, the lights were absolutely incredible. The use of different types of spouts was very impressive. Sometimes, they would use a mist effect and shoot the light through and get the light very bright which looked really cool. The shows were in 15 min intervals, and each one was a little bit different because the show was based around the songs that were playing. Disney songs were a theme at one point, and they also played some 80s music as well.

The second night we were in Barcelona we decided to hit some bars and casinos. This is where things started to get interesting. The first thing we did was to check out the IceBARcelona. This bar had a section in the back that was completely made of ice, including the cups. To set things off, they had Happy Feet playing on the TV. But the drinks were very expensive. With the ticket we got one free drink but after that each drink was eight euros. So after awhile, we decided that we came, saw, and were ready for something else. So we left there and decided to walk to this strip of bars that were along the beach.

Apparently, it was a holiday in Barcelona the night we were there. For the holiday, the feast day of San Juan, people flooded the beach with alcohol and fireworks. The beach quickly turned into a madhouse. In the hundred yards we probably walked along the beach, we were offered drugs at least six times. Then we also realized that people were going to the bathroom on the walls, which drained down onto the sidewalk, which was pretty gross. So after all the mayhem, we decided to walk back, get our stuff and go to the airport. Well, just in that walk, we were offered sex three times and were almost pick-pocketed. This night made us realize that Barcelona is a pretty dangerous place. But all in all, the trip was well worth it.

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