Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spain from Joshua's Eyes

Spain has been a wonderful and eye opening experience for me. It was a real shock at first. Then, as I adjusted, it became easy to notice a lot of the wonderful aspects of this great country. First of all there is the architecture and history. There are so many interesting and amazing historical buildings and events that occurred in Sevilla. Almost every old structure seen in Sevilla has some tie to a significant historical event that occurred here. All the way from the old Roman walls to the cathedral. It is amazing to be able to live in a place where so many interesting things happened, and to actually be able to see where they actually occurred. This is completely different from most cities in the US. There may be a few cities that have a lot of historical monuments and structures. In Spain however, it seems like every city we have visited is covered with history and amazing sites that take would days, even weeks to appreciate and take them all in.

Another thing to note about my time here is the people. They seem to be laid back and friendly, for the most part. The people here also get really excited when the opportunity for an argument arises. They keep the argument friendly most of the time, but because of their energy and the language barrier it seems like they are really angrily arguing. They eventually settle down and casually go about their business for the day.

Another great experience was traveling in Spain. All the excursions we went on were amazing. The hotels were very nice and it was great to have an actual breakfast compared to our every day breakfast of toast or cereal. It was very interesting to see the difference in each place we visited. Each city seemed to have its own culture and feel. It was really great to be able to experience many different cultures inside of one larger culture.

One more thing I have really enjoyed is learning about the music of Spain. It's really great to be able to listen to a piece of Spanish music and be able to hear its influences gained over many years. I personally enjoy the folk music more. It's fun and always upbeat and happy. It's is also great to hear the passion and emotions of singers in flamenco music. I can definitely see why it’s so popular here. I'm definitely glad I was able to partake in this wonderful and eye opening journey.

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