Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nicole and Friends in Malaga

At the end of June and into July and August, it is hot, REALLY hot in Sevilla. The last few days have been at 108-112F. As hot as it here, it is amazingly cool and comfortable on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Sevillanos frequently hop on a train for a quick trip to the nearby beaches and are often back home on the same day. Nicole and friends recently enjoyed a visit to Malaga.

Two weekends ago a group of five of us went down to Malaga for the weekend. Malaga is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast that is rich in history and also very modern. We intended to take the train from Seville on Friday after class, but unfortunately, we didn’t buy our tickets in advance so we had to wait until 8pm that night. After we arrived we wandered around the city for a while and came across Malaga’s shopping district. Calle Marques de Larioshas is a really cool part of town that has everything from designer brands to small boutiques. Intertwined with all the shops are nice restaurants and any type of ice cream you could imagine. All of the streets in that area end up dumping you out at The Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Castle. These are ancient Moorish fortifications and gardens that are now a huge tourist spot. At night everything is lit up with spotlights and you can walk through the gardens and look down on the rest of the city.

Saturday and Sunday we chilled on the beach most of the time and soaked up the sun. There are some great places to eat near the beach that sell tapas and are affordable. We were all surprised at how course and dusty the sand was in Malaga. The beach was packed with thousands of people and many fishermen. After spending a long day at the beach on Sunday we were walking near a park on our way back toward the train station, and decided to take a nice siesta in the park. We conveniently had our beach towel with us so we laid those down and fell right asleep. Once it came time to catch our train we walked back to the train station and came home to Sevilla.

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