Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Literary Visit to London with Guillermo

Part of my Study Abroad experience was traveling to London during the weekend between summer sessions. I chose London because if it was good enough to host the Olympics, it was good enough to host me. Also it was the cheapest trip for me, which is probably the real reason why I chose London. I saved a lot of money by staying with my best friend from the U.S; he was staying with family in London during the summer because of a research opportunity he obtained.

One of the many places I visited was the Sherlock Holmes museum. It was on the top of my “to do” list as I am currently reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It was a great experience because it completely changed my mental visual of Sherlock Holmes’ home and environmental scenery. I also enjoyed the fact that his home was arranged to the tee as it is in the novel. For example, there was a syringe laid on his desk, representing his requirement for cocaine stimulation. When he was not stimulating his great mind on a case he stimulated his mind with the drug.

As a Harry Potter fanatic I could not miss out on my opportunity to visit platform 9 ¾. If you do not know that is the Platform for the train that takes students to Hogwarts. I will be sincere and say that I was not impressed with the sight. But, at the time everything was funny and my friend and I had a rather amazing laugh about it. As we walked into King’s Cross Station we asked for platform 9 ¾ and we were pointed to the right direction. As we walked closer and closer we noticed it was just a simple wall and of course half a cart coming out of the wall representing how the Harry Potter characters have to run through this wall. We were expecting Platform 9 ¾ to be in a pillar where the actual trains are like how it is in the movie but we were shocked to see a random wall be used for this spectacle.

In conclusion, my voyage to London was a ten out of ten experience. I was able to visit a great city and had a great time. I remember how my best friend and I used to talk about back in our freshmen year of high school about how one day me and him would go to the same college and go abroad together at least one time. It was all a dream back then and now two out of three of our dreams became authentic. We both attend a university and we both went abroad the same semester, we do not attend the same university but is it not great anyways? I think so. I will one day look back and think about how this was the time of my life and how money really did buy happiness for me but then again money did not buy the company I had during this great trip, not only London but Spain as well.


  1. Reading this was very beneficial for myself but I personally was wondering how does London compare to cities here in America? As in people, places, things to do, economy etc.

  2. Great insight on the importance of traveling with somebody you enjoy spending time with. Also enjoyed the implementation of literary landmarks, expressing the rich culture that England has in terms of their literary imprint on the world.

  3. Willy - you're still silly! :-) I can tell you've really grown as a person and as a writer. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to travel and I'm assuming it was with Felly? I don't have any suggestions to make - you write very well! Take care,
    Ms. Clarkson

  4. I liked so much your essay, it was an interesting reading that allows me to know how important is for Willie (my godson) friendship and personal interest. I´m sure that visited London was an experience to be unforgettable for you and also I´m sure your friends enjoy it. I hope my writting could be understand because as you know I´m speak spanish and use english only for bussines. Best regards. AATP