Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home Cooking With Casey and Crew

Six weeks into the summer and the students begin to realize what they really miss from home. To remedy a slight case of homesickness, Casey and his friends did a little home cooking of their own.


On June 27 Graham, Paul, Josh, and I (Casey) planned a last minute trip to get out of here and enjoy a relaxing four day break. We decided we were going to hit the beach, relax in the cool Atlantic breeze and enjoy making our own home cooked meals. I managed to reserve our own Bungalow on the beach in Fuente del Gallo (a place 2 miles away from Conil, which is along Spain’s southern coast).

p>Our Bungalow was fantastic. It was equipped with four beds, a porch, a kitchen, bathroom and shower. The bungalow had a big front sliding door and windows so that a nice cool breeze could run through, and it felt nice, it was fantastic feeling the cool Atlantic Air. That very first night we bought our own food, and made some good old Texas scrambled eggs, and had tortillas to make them into tacos! Of course we had milk and Texas toast with it! Every morning after that night we cooked eggs.

During the day we spent time on the beach. We walked the beautiful shore line and enjoyed feeling the fine sand under our feet. We explored the beach. We threw a Frisbee, made sandcastles, body surfed and even had our own paddle ball tournament. In the evening we would watch the sunset.

For evening meals we cooked up a variety of foods. We made our own French fries, cooked some mean burgers, fantastic spaghetti, and delicious simmering BBQ chicken straight from the skillet. All deliciously made from scratch. After dinner we would stay up and watch the Euro-cup game and have a long great game of cards till we were all tired.

We were living the life. And for all the luxury we were experiencing, it only cost a grand total of 110 Euros per person for the whole entire trip! What a great time indeed. You don’t need a lot of money to have a great vacation!

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