Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flamenco Show by Kristin

During our weekend trip to Granada, our group went to a Flamenco show. We first took a short ride through winding streets that seemed too small for buses to fit through before arriving at a cave-like room that was set up with chairs surrounding a dance floor. After filing in and ordering drinks, three dancers—dressed in the traditional flamenco style—a singer and guitar player arrived. Each flamenco dancer performed solos accompanied with a passionate song by the guitarist and singer. The dancers’ feet moved at unbelievable speeds with expressive arm and hand movements.

All five seemed to work together and get their energy from each other. While one danced the others would clap, stamp their feet, sing and play along.

During breaks in between performances, we tried out our flamenco poses [as you can see from the picture, we are naturals :) ].

The dancers then returned and performed partner and group dances. During one of the dances, Brandt was chosen to perform his best version of flamenco with one of the dancers, which was entertaining to say the least.

For the final dance, the singer returned from the break dressed in a shiny suit and began to dance. In addition to the feet stomping at fast rates, clapping and quick hand movements, he also incorporated jumps and spins to his solo.

The entire performance was very exciting and due to the small space, we were able to experience the style of flamenco to the fullest. It was easy to see that the dancers and singers were having fun with their routines and with their audience. Overall, it was an amusing and enjoyable evening that was filled with authentic Spanish culture.

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