Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carbon Capture & Storage

After our regular engineering classes this morning, the students received an invited lecture from Professor Vicente Cortés on carbon capture and storage technologies.

Since 2007, Professor Cortés has served as the director of the CO2 Capture Programme of the Spanish Fundacion de la Energia, a state-owned foundation which provides a world-wide reference center for carbon capture and storage development and validation projects in northern Spain. His research and development activities are directed towards solving technological issues in coal combustion and gasification systems for better performance and NOX/CO2 emissions reduction. Most of his research is performed under contract to a number of European utilities and/or the European Commission. In most cases, the research is conducted at pilot scale units or industrial plants.Over the last 14 years, Professor Cortés has directed or participated as senior researcher in more than 20 projects involving a total support of 16 MM Euros.

A great discussion of carbon capture and storage technologies is contained in the Wikipedia Reference linked here.

Professor Cortés' lecture lasted for almost an hour and was followed by 30 minutes of questions from our students. The lecture was highly informative and very interesting. We felt honored for Professor Cortés to visit our classes.

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