Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome to Sevilla for 2012

Welcome to the 2012 edition of our blog. Over the next few weeks, we will use these pages to chronicle the experiences of 60 engineering students from Texas Tech University as they take classes and sample life in Sevilla, Spain. Most of these students are 18-19 years old and have just finished their freshmen year on-campus. They are all very excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to visit historic and beautiful Spain.

The students arrived in Sevilla on Friday, May 27. After an in-country orientation meeting and dinner, they spent their first night at the Hotel Fernando. The next morning began with introductions to their Spanish host families. The Spanish home-stays are one of the most valuable and meaningful elements of the study-abroad cultural experience. In groups of 2-4, the students stay in extra bedrooms, have their meals, and learn to communicate in Spanish.

More host family photos...

Through June and July, the students will complete 2-4 courses in engineering, humanities and the arts. The engineering classes will be taught in classrooms at the School of Engineering of the University of Sevilla.

These students are getting a first course in Thermodynamics from Dr. Mark Vaughn.

After 4 days of class, Dr. Oler's students were ready for their first exam in Statics on Friday.

This is Dr. Anna Christina Ribeiro teaching her class in Spanish philosophy.

Ms. Stacy Elko is the instructor for Art Appreciation. The students below are getting a chance to make art in the form of tie-dyed fabrics.

More class photos...

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