Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Paris with Courtney, Shelby, and Keegan

When students first arrive in Spain, the airports, trains, and buses are a big mystery. After a few weeks, they become experts and can go anywhere.

All of Courtney's pictures here.


This weekend I(Courtney) went to Paris with Shelby and Keegan. My cousin Taylor is studying abroad in Paris and so we were able to meet up with him on Saturday and he showed us around the whole city. We saw so much of Paris that day, even things Taylor had never seen, and we probably walked around 15 miles. To start off our day, as we were walking to Notre Dame, we saw Jackie Chan directing a movie!

The other amazing things we saw included Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Fountain of Innocence, Arc de Triomphe, and La Défense Grande Arche.

And of course we also saw the Eiffel Tower. We ate dinner at a café and then sat down on the lawn and watched the tower light up once it got dark. At 11 pm, the lights on the Eiffel sparkle and it is beautiful! Sunday morning we went to the summit of the Eiffel and were able to see all of Paris, and that afternoon we had a relaxing lunch eating croissants in the Luxembourg Gardens. It was hands down the most amazing weekend ever.

Shelby and I also found lots of examples of statics all over the Paris!

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