Sunday, June 5, 2011


Carmona is a small town approximately 15 miles outside of Sevilla. On Saturday, Kathy and I paid 4 euros apiece to take the bus over to see what it was like.

The town was important to Carthaginians and Romans as a defensive outpost for Sevilla. It sits at the top of a hill something like our caprock which made it easy to defend on three sides. The fortress protected the back side.

The yellowish stone was put in place by the Carthaginians. The Romans added the grey stonework.

It's not hard to imagine a Roman sentry walking the ledge at the top of the wall or trying to stay warm in front the fire pit.

The craftsmanship is amazing. This stonework has stood for nearly 2000 years.

Here, you can still see the remnants of the decorative plaster on the wall. The vaulted ceiling was over the room occupied by the commander.

The town itself is beautiful with a maze of narrow twisting cobblestone streets, white plastered buildings, and ochre colored tile roofs.

Kathy and I thought that this apartment built against the fortress wall would be ideal. Here, people use their rooftops the way we do our backyards

The outdoor, sidewalk cafes are everywhere and always busy at lunch and at night. They are not just for the tourists.

Just like home, brides are always looking for that perfect place for the wedding photos.

There are many more photos in the online album.

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