Friday, July 1, 2011

Cathedral With Job

Unfortunately, some of our students had to go home at the end of the first summer session. In those last few hours in Sevilla, they look for that final, most lasting image to take with them. For Job and Joe, that was a hike up to the top of the Giralda which is more than 340 ft tall. That is a very good choice for a last look at Sevilla.


My very last day in Sevilla I walked around the city for a while trying to do some late souvenir shopping with Joe and Jake. While walking Joe and I realized that this would be our last opportunity to visit the Sevilla Cathedral. While walking inside I noticed that the entrance to the Cathedral was really beautiful. It had a really nice statue out front with alot of nice architecture around the building. The inside of the Sevilla Cathedral was even nicer. It had many beautiful paintings, statues, and artifacts.

We also decided to go to the very top story of the cathedral. The top of Seville Cathedral tower was pretty high up, so the walk wasn't very pleasant. When we finally got to the top we where able to see the amazing city view of Sevilla. After all the walking I did during the semester I knew that the city wasn't that small, but the tower helped me realize that the city is actually kind of big. Overall it was a really great decision to go to the Sevilla Cathedral.

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