Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ybarra olive oil

Spain is the world leader in olive production and Andalusia is the heart of the olive country. Founded in 1842, the Ybarra company is known worldwide for high quality extra virgin olive oil and other related products. Last week, the engineering classes paid a visit to the Ybarra food processing plant. Our host was the company quality control director.

The plant is a great example of the multi-disciplinary aspects of engineering. The chemical engineers could appreciate the refining processes. Mechanical engineers were intrigued by the material handling equipment. Electrical engineers could see numerous applications of sensing and control systems. And the industrial engineers could appreciate the challenges of organizing the plant layout and inventory controls. It was a very interesting visit and the students were very appreciative of the opportunity to tour the facility.

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  1. Fantastic choice for a fieldtrip... A versatile location that appeals to a variety of engineering majors.