Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cadiz with Grant

One of the most exciting parts of study abroad for engineering students in Seville is having the opportunity to plan and take their own excursions on the weekends. Bus and train transportation make travel very affordable within Spain and Portugal. The story and pictures below were contributed by Grant.


Most of the class went to the beach in Cadiz, Spain this Saturday. We had a blast scoping out the town and soaking up the sun on the beach. For many of us the train ride to and from Cadiz was our first time ever riding a passenger train, which was an interesting experience that we all enjoyed. Once we arrived in Cadiz after our 2 hour train ride the entire group headed straight to the beach, where we spent most of the day. Not too soon after we arrived on the beach, we got out the soccer ball and had an awesome soccer game in the sand. Lunch time arrived and everybody whipped out their homemade bocadillas and ate them right there on the beach. The sandwhiches were great and so was the view!!

A few of the students including myself took a quick trip through the actual city to see some of the buildings and sights, which was pretty cool in itself. Spanish architecture is a sight to see! With all of this said we had to leave Cadiz and surprisingly the train ride back could have arguably been the best part of the trip. The entire trip back some high schooler's from Sevilla invaded the train cars that we were in and like being at an Irish pub they started wailing beautiful songs about Sevilla, the beach, and even the trains conductor. We all became friends with them and even swapped some memorabilia (a Spanish hat for a Texas Rangers baseball hat). The trip was amazing and we are so excited to be going on many trips like it in the near future!! Hasta Luego!


  1. Thanks for all the good pictures and the information on Spain. I have been to England and France,so this a great experience to see articles on Spain. Glenda

  2. I wish I were there to experience all of the fun that you and your classmates are having. What a wonderful opportunity for you and your peers. I would love to hear more......