Friday, June 17, 2011

more Sevilla sights

In Spain, the schools continue until the end of June. As I walk to the Texas Tech Center each morning, I am accompanied by parents walking their children to school. If I am headed back to the apartment at 2:00, I see the parents picking them up again. Although I can't understand what they are saying, there is always a lively conversation between the children and their parents. When our kids were young, we would pick them up and the conversation would be like this:

dad: How was your day?

daughter or son: Fine.

dad: What did you do?

daughter or son: Not much.

I don't know what we were doing wrong.? Maybe it is the language. Spanish seems to be conducive to lively and passionate discussions.

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  1. Family is a key component in the Spanish culture. It's refreshing to hear that the family unit has maintained its status even with all of the modern influences on today's society.