Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homeless and Jobless People by Collin

The economic situation in Spain is bad. While we also have many homeless people in the U.S. and Lubbock, we don't encounter them every day as we do in Spain to appreciate how desperate their situations are. Here are Collin's observations.


The unemployment rate in Spain is at 20 percent so naturally you will see many homeless/jobless people out trying to make a little bit of money. I was not prepared, however, for the number of people that I have seen sitting on the sidewalk with paper towels spread out so pedestrians will throw them whatever change they are willing to part with.

However, some people try different types of street performance to make money. There are many different types of performance that I have seen here: some people play the accordion or violin, others sing or dance and some sing and dance. And then there are what I consider novelty performances. Novelty performances are things like pretending to be a statue, an invisible man, or dressing like a leprechaun (in Ireland). I don’t think these novelty performances take much skill at all, but they are creative and are entertaining to watch for a few moments.

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  1. Interesting observation. I admire their resourcefulness by creating money making opportunities using their imagination. We often forget how blessed we are to live in America.

    Thanks for sharing!