Monday, June 15, 2009

Santa Maria

The kids opted for a day trip to Cadiz but Kathy and I went to Santa Maria which was just a ferry ride away from Cadiz. Santa Maria was similar to Sevilla in terms of the appearance of the streets and buildings but much smaller and slower paced. In the streets, we didn't have to be constantly on the watch for speeding motor skooters.

At dinner on Friday night, we were serenaded by a couple of accordion players which is very typical in Sevilla and Santa Maria.

One of the more interesting discoveries in Santa Maria was the central market. The variety of meats and fish were amazing and sometimes unusual.

Something that we really enjoyed was a tour of a bodega where sherry wine is produced. We got a good explanation of the process (in English) and a nice sampling of their products.

A highlight for us was being on the water and seeing the sailboats. The Atlantic looked beautiful.


  1. This blog is awesome. I am Lauren's boyfriend and she isn't able to post pictures with such detailed explanations. It is really nice to read this because it makes it feel like I am there sharing in the experience! Keep the updates coming!!!


  2. At last. I knew there would have to be a sailboat. . .