Thursday, July 8, 2010

Solar Power

Today was a highlight of the summer for the engineering students when we got to visit the Abengoa Solar Power research facilities. One of the students described this excursion as the primary reason he wanted to come to Sevilla.

Abengoa operates 10 MW and 20 MW power plants based on solar concentration towers. The concentrator towers and the parabolic concentrators below are used to generate steam which drives conventional electric power stations.

Abengoa Solar has signed an agreement with Arizona Public Service, the largest electric company in Arizona, to build and operate what will be the largest solar power plant in the world. With 280 MWe of power output capacity, the plant will have the capacity to supply clean power to 70,000 homes. The plant will use parabolic collector technology similar to the units we saw.

Texas Tech engineers are always ready to get their guns up.

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