Thursday, July 8, 2010


On Thursday night, a group of Texas Tech students had the opportunity to experience one of the best known and most controversial traditions of Spain, the bullfights.

This was a special night that was part of a season long competition for young bullfighters. The six that we saw varied in age from 17 to 24. One of them was selected as the best for the night and will participate in a final competition with 5 other winners later this fall.

Admittedly, there is cruelty in the fights and all 6 bulls are guaranteed to be killed. But, the spectacle is amazing and worth seeing at least once. This night was also different because it started at 10:30 instead of the early evening so it was "under the lights." That helped with the heat but kept me from getting good pictures.

One of the young bullfighters was so anxious to demonstrate his courage that he faced the bull on his knees as the bull made his first charge into the ring. (Click on the pictures for a larger image.)

The more conventional style.

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