Monday, July 20, 2009

Tommy's Big Adventure

I am including Tommy's description of his adventure in Pamplona as an example of the not recommended way to travel in Spain. I was hugely relieved that he made it back safely.

Tommy's story:
I went to Pamplona this weekend to see the festival of San Fermin and the Running of the Bulls! It was pretty crazy. It was like the entire city was having a party. Pamplona has about the population of Lubbock, but a million people come each year from July 6-14. I took a couple of buses from Sevilla to Madrid, and Madrid to Pamplona, and ended up on the bus for about 12-13 hours. Hotel/ Hostel rooms are ridiculously expensive, so I just kind of camped out at the bus station and on a park bench and pretty much anywhere that looked like a nice place to go to bed. I ended up getting there in time to see the running twice, bright and early at 8:00 AM. I think most people were up all night partying anyways, so they didn’t seem to mind being up at 8:00. I made a bocadilla the first day for lunch and ate a whole bunch of beef jerky. I ended up spending 100 euros for the transportation to and from Pamplona, but only 20 for everything else. Everybody in the whole town was wearing white pants and shirts, a red bandanna and a red sash/belt. The first morning I got to the barricade to watch the running at like 6:15, but I got there too late so that I couldn’t really see much. So the next day I got there around 4:00and got a seat on the barricade, and sat for 4 hours and watched the bulls run for 20 seconds, it was epic.

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