Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The End of Thermodynamics

This is our last official day (Tuesday) for our "TTU COE in Seville" and appropriately, the students got their final exam in thermodynamics. Unfortunately, this course was somewhat back-loaded, meaning that we had a lot of material to cover in the last few days. We met twice on Friday but quit early enough for some of the students to make a Peace Cup futball (soccer) match in the evening. They got Saturday off so that the students could make one last trip to Cadiz and the beach or get some late souvenir shopping done. Then we met twice on both Sunday and Monday for a total of 14 hrs. Some of their host moms were shocked that I made them come to class on Sunday. One even asked if I had a wife (meaning a life). But, the students didn't complain too badly and the problem solving practice paid off. Although the tests aren't graded yet, I am sure they all did well.

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