Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Impressions

Sean: My first few days in Spain have been amazing. Everything here is different. The people are real friendly, and it all seems like a mix of the old and the new. My host mother, Carmen is awesome. She’s always very friendly and cooks some great food, like fried ham and cheese. We’ve had time to do some sightseeing. We’ve explored some of the older parts of Seville, like the area around the cathedral. You just don’t get to experience anything like that at home. The whole area is older than our entire country. It’s amazing. Plus, everything in Seville is just a short walk or bus ride away. There’s so much to see, and so little time.

I just got here and haven't gone anywhere yet, but we have explored the town a lot. We saw the river and the cathedral which was really cool, and everybody here is way chill. Our host family is really tight and they give us plenty of food. Oh yeah.

Stephen: Before I landed in Madrid last Saturday, I thought I would have a hard time navigating and living in Spain for four weeks while not knowing more than a dozen words of Spanish. Fortunately, I was proven wrong. Both the airport and the train station had signs in both Spanish and English so there was never any issue. Once on the train heading towards Seville, anyone could tell by looking out the window that Spain is an absolutely beautiful country. Calming rolling hills with red flowers and thousands of orange trees are all throughout the countryside. As my taxi cab took me to the hotel, I was still focused outside the the window looking at all of the beautiful architecture created by the rich culture of Spain. I've only been here for four days and I'm loving it here!

Jared: I have had a great first couple of days. Just getting to Sevilla was a blast. You always here about the fast metros they have in Europe and they are more impressive in real life. I got dizzy looking out the window because electricity poles wizzed by. Boy does our host mom cook a lot food. They have some of the best foods especially the oranges. Oh the oranges. I am already planning on how to take ten pounds of them back to U.S. with me. I have gone to the river and the cathedral area and plan on exploring them indepth this weekend. Sevilla is an amazing city.

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